Today has been pretty uneventful so far!

Everyone in the house got to school and work, and then I got my baby’s passport! Now she is a Canadian! What a lucky duck!

Then we did our usual morning routine, and now the baby is napping, and I am tackling several projects today –

Mom Blogging For Dummies

I have to work on learning how to blog! I am reading a great book right now about blogging by Wendy Piersall titled “Mom Blogging for Dummies”. It is a pretty easy to read book, and gives me the first introduction on what I need to do to make this blog interesting and exciting! I am already excited myself, now I have to get yo’ll excited, right?

If you are interested in this book, try to get it on Amazon, it is available!

Mom Blogging For Dummies

I have also found a great resource about how to blog about food – here is the link to Food Blog Alliance I have to read!

So far so good! Working on my knitting project! What is going on in your household today?

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