This is my comparison based on the ingredients I have received with my Hello Fresh delivery last week –

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My conclusion

I paid $34.50 for my 3 meals for 2 people. The ingredients themselves in exact amounts would cost me $37.91. If I were to buy full packs of everything, starting from absolutely nothing in my pantry, I would have to pay $84.68. If I assume I have all the regular stuff already in the pantry and fridge, and am just buying a bit of extra for the particular recipe, my bill would have been $61.99.

It is great to be able to try new recipes, and Hello Fresh is the greatest and the best box for us so far. It is also very economical, if you are trying to make something new for your repertoire, and you just want to try out this box. My conclusion is that if you were to buy all the ingredients separately, you would have to pay almost twice as much, even when utilizing whatever you already have in your pantry. Even if you were to buy exactly what was in your box, you would still have to spend way more money than what you paid for your box. Ultimately, getting to try this box is a great bargain, though we did have to cook separately for the kids.

The only one con is that daily you would probably not make such a complicated recipe as the boxes suggest, or your might omit some of the ingredients, or settle for a cheaper protein, and tweak your recipe anyway by cutting some obvious corners.

Otherwise, try out Hello Fresh –┬áSave $40 on your first order with my code HV9FFC at

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