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I have to share a story back from 1998. Long time ago… I was in the US for the first time studying at a University, and wondering whether I should continue my studying. I was on an exchange program where I came to the US for 1 year, and had to go back to Russia at the end of the program. I loved my hosting University and it was a challenging time for me, as I knew that I had to go back home to my regular University.

I tried hard at finding a new school to study in the US at the time. I knew that if I got in, and got money somewhere, I would be able to stay in the US for some more time, and get good education. I wrote to many schools, and some have even accepted me. I had enough money just for my application, but I wasn’t able to secure financing.

One reason for that was that I didn’t know where to look for scholarships. Another reason was that I didn’t understand how an international student could obtain scholarships. My visa had a lot of restrictions as well. Finally, I was just so tired of searching that I gave up and just finished my year, and went home.

Lucky students nowadays have a great resource to consult when looking for scholarships. There is a website called ScholarshipOwl that they can consult to find specific to their field of study scholarships. It is so fast and easy to do now. You have to input your date of birth, gender, school level and field of study, and you can receive a great result very quickly. You can get access to hundreds of scholarships within 15 minutes.

I know this website would have saved me so much time back in the days. I recommend  ScholarshipOwl to anyone looking for a way to obtain scholarships – what a great resource. Use it, and get financial support to get into schools you want.

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