Today is Sunday, and I wanted to recap my yesterday with the family.

We went to take some family photos, we love to take pictures at the Picture People. They always have good deals, and flyers with great rates that we get in the mail.

After our photo session we went around in the Mall. We did some shopping at Bath and Body Works. I have been obsessed lately with their smelly hand soaps, and this is one of the ingredients that we are always short of and in need of. I guess I could continue trying to save money and buy Softsoap at Costco, as I usually do, but I don’t like the feel of Softsoap. I am a soap snob!

Then we went to Pink, and bought nice sweat pants for my daughter, and I got a freebie with my coupon!

Next, we went to Gap and got some socks, then went to Gymboree and got some nice cute hats and clothes for our baby. We were able to use 40% off discount at the Gap, and then 20% discount at Gymboree. So, that wasn’t so bad.

It was quite late to go home for dinner, so we ended up going out to Macaroni Grill – what a treat! The food was great! We’ll definitely go back!

Last night I have finally finished with some recipes I have been working on for this blog, and today I will be planning my meals for the next week.

I have also been doing some research for my baby’s first year birthday party – I think I have found the cake I am going to make. Here is the link. The theme will be the Star theme, definitely. Now we have to work on guest invitations, ideas for snacks, desserts, little appetizers! It is going to be some party!

Some time at the end of the week I have also signed up for free Glamour, Shape, Wine Spectator, Redbook magazines I should be receiving shortly. I much prefer magazines that are paperback, rather than digital, I just like to look through something that I can touch, and see better. That’s just me. So, I am looking forward to getting those soon, and I will try to be incorporating some recipes I find in those magazines in my food.

My wish list includes All You paper format magazine, I already have the digital one, that I love, so I will try to make enough money maybe to purchase one soon.

Don’t forget about a great deal for Saveur magazine for $4.99 on Monday!
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I have also received an item for a review this week, as well as a sample of 2 Emergen-C drink mixes.




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