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I have received Premium Breathable underpads recently for a review. I have been using underpads on beds in my house. We have kids with accidents, and I feel it is important to protect my beds, so I was so excited to be able to review this product.

I usually buy underpads in big packs, and they go fast. Normally I use one underpad per day per bed. After a night sleep the cotton or whatever absorbent material they put in there usually clumps up, so you cannot use the pad again.

I was pleasantly surprised with the breathable underpads I got this time I noticed that the material inside is not at all clumping up, and you can reuse the pad for quite a few more nights if it hasn’t been soaked yet. The size of this pad is 30X36, and the pad is really super absorbent. I will definitely start buying these pads from now on, because I find it is a much better deal if you can re-use the pad for longer time than just one night sleep.

On the night that the bed did get some soaking action with the pad, I noticed that the pad absorbed all the liquid very well, and nothing leaked out. The pad also didn’t seem to be wet to touch, which is more comfortable, clearly, than lying in wet bed.

I tried to lie down on the bed with the pad on, and I found it to be very soft, even though the pad seems more durable than the ones I used to get before.

The Fischer group is the company that makes these pads. They have created a video on Youtube where they are explaining the advantages of these pads. I find that I agree with all of the points, the pad really does do a better job than the usual brand! You can purchase these pads by going to the Fischer group product page. You can get them on Amazon.


You can also find these pads at, Puppee pad. As you can see, these same pads are used for puppies. Unfortunately, we don’t have any pets, so I couldn’t test the pads on pets, but I can tell you for a fact that these are much better pads than the ones I have ever used. The pads for puppies are made of the same type of material, ad underpads for beds, so they are very durable, soft, and prevent leaks.

You can purchase puppy pads on Amazon – 100 count, Amazon – 60 count.

In order to provide this review I have received 4 pads for free. The opinion that I have communicated in this blog post is my honest opinion. Affiliate links that I have in this post help support this blog.



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