I have a recipe for broth I may have already written about earlier, but I want to bring it up again.

photo 3 (10)Making chicken broth is something I enjoy doing because it lets me save money, use pieces of chicken I wouldn’t be able to utilize otherwise, and creates a great hearty homemade stock that I use for soups that are favorite in our household.

I usually take the carcass of a roast chicken, add vegetables that I have on hand, like root vegetables (celery root, parsley, potato), carrots, celery, onion, dried bay leaf, a pinch of whole peppercorns, and any dried herbs you may have (Italian blend, celery seeds, dried sage, dried thyme). The total cost of the broth is about the same as you would pay at the store for 1/4 of this amount, so there are definite savings there. It also helps to re-use your chicken carcass, or any parts of chicken that you wouldn’t eat otherwise.

This Monday I didn’t have the time to roast the vegetables before putting the soup to boil. I had some chicken wings/drumsticks that were previously frozen and had funny flavor that we didn’t finish them, and I had celery root, celery, 1 leek, scallions in my vegetable box this week. So, I just threw it all together, and came up with my Goto Broth! Took about 1 hour to get it done! Enjoy!


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