Yesterday I worked a lot on updating my pictures, and I am almost ready with my posts on food boxes we got last week – stay tuned!

I also received some freebies in the mail yesterday – I got a magazine and some coupons from Bzzagent.

Here is what I got –

photo 1 (22)


photo 2 (21)


I got 2 coupons for free Muller yogurt and some $1.00 off 2 yogurts coupons to share with friends! I love Bzzagent because they have a variety of campaigns going on all the time on food, beauty and care products, and there are campaigns I participate through them all the time. I am ahead of the game on this one – the campaign officially starts only in 2 days! My friends and I will be able to use our coupons at Kroger stores, which for me are QFC and Fred Meyer that I usually use. I might also get more stuff there while I am at it!

I also won a $25 gift card today through one of the giveaways I participated in these past few days – I have entered a lot of giveaways, let me tell you! If I were to divide the hours I spent entering the giveaways by the amount I won so far, the money is pretty measly! I couldn’t live on $25 for 2 days, so I wouldn’t do this for living if I were you, but it is a fun activity to do now and then, if you like sweeping like I do! And I won! Even better!

Here is my plan for the rest of the day – finish up my meal planning for this week! Finish up my posts about the food boxes!

I have to bake favorite in my house zucchini bread and those strawberry rhubarb bars again – we love them! I started some bread yesterday – this is what I make now every week – two loaves of bread. This is a very cheap way to get bread.

Our dinner tonight – tomato gazpacho, beans!



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