Hey, today is May 1! It’s a holiday of spring in Russia! Here I have some springy news like this – it is the end of the week! And yesterday was the end of April!

I have won several cards over all of the clicking I have done on Crowdtap. They have a lot of surveys they do there, and a lot of panels, but it does take a lot of time of my day, so I may stop putting so much time into it – I think ultimately it is not worth the time!

I have received a new box from Testtube yesterday – so more pictures and reviews to come on that! Stay tuned!

I have uploaded new pictures, and among them we have some new freebies I have got. Here is one –




I have received these for free for a chance to try Red Baron pizza through Bzzagent! I have tried Red Baron before, but there are so many pizzas in the market that I forget what each one tastes like after some time, so this will be a nice chance to try Red Baron again. I am planning to go to get it at the grocery store possibly today! This was a free product that I have received coupons for, and I will certainly try it out, and let yo’ll know what I think! This will be some pizza party coming up! (My pizza pan is all rusty – I have to reseason it, and make more pizzas – shows you we don’t eat pizza that often!)

It is all about Red Baron pizza on my mind now – (time for lunch?)

What else – I got some more small trial size freebies last week, but so small it is not worth mentioning, maybe I will take a picture of them next time I am taking pictures.

I am posting a lot of new entries for various food boxes today-tomorrow, hopefully soon we will have everything posted, and we will be able to choose the best boxes, and you will be able to make more informed decisions about what to sign up for.

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