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I am in the market for new Beach shades. We have a patio outside of the house, we have a pool, and we often go to lakes and beaches in the area, so some durable shade is always helpful. Our baby needs to be protected from direct sunlight as much as possible. Our girls also have sensitive to the sun skin, so they also need good protection.

We have purchased a little tent type shade before, but you can’t see the outside in it at all. So you go to the beautiful outdoors beach, set up your tent for shade, and then you end up cooped up in the tent trying to stay away from the sun, but in effect not actually enjoying being outside as you can’t see anything, and there is very little space for everyone in a small tent.


I have researched online a bit and I have found a company that produces nice beach shades. The company is called Byron Bay Beach Shades. You set up this canvas/plastic type fabric shade, and you can see everything around you. The sun is not baking you up, but at the same time it doesn’t feel like you are cooped up, and you can experience the vastness of the beach, the breeze, the beautiful landscapes around you. Cant beat that!

Byron Bay Beach Shades actually has a retro feel and look about it, which is great, because this works well with my personality, and the kind of product and look I want. The canvas is easy to set up, all you have to do is find a good spot, secure the shade in the sand, and you are all set.

This shade looks almost too perfect, I am happy to have found it, now I am all set for the summer beach season! This is where to find these shades – BYRON BAY BEACH SHADES or at

These shades come in 4 colors – really the question is which color to choose! I will pick Blue, because that is my color if you know me. Otherwise, it also comes in red, yellow, and green!

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