Ship and Dip subscription helps you find new flavors of sauces, jams, and various condiments that you might never be able to discover otherwise. I think this subscription is interesting, however, sounds a bit pricy, if you are only getting 3 products for $33 per month. I personally would like to see a bit more value for myself in the box before I would consider getting this one. For now, I am not a big fan, I don’t know…. tell me what you think if you have ever tried it. The box is great, the price is the only stumbling block for me.

These are the examples of their boxes – see if you like any of them –

January 2014 Launch Box: 16 oz BBQ sauce, 16 oz Salsa and 11.4 oz Spicy Holiday Jelly

February 2014 Box: 11.5 oz queso, 12 oz marinade/dressing and 5 oz hot sauce

March 2014 Box: 12 oz honey mustard, 12 oz pepper relish and 9 oz bacon jam….yes you read that correctly, bacon. jam.

April 2014 Box: 8 oz stone-ground mustard, 16 oz BBQ Sauce and 9
8 oz spicy fruit ketchup

May 2014 Box: 10 oz sea salt caramel sauce with white chocolate, 12 oz Mango BBQ Sauce and 12 oz garlic mustard vinaigrette

June 2014 Box: 12 oz zesty horseradish, 16 oz tomatillo verde salsa and 14 oz roasted jalapeño dippin’ sauce

July 2014 Box: 16 oz agave ketchup, 12 oz bayou remoulade and 10.25 oz toffee fondue sauce

August 2014 Box: 14.4 oz cherry chipotle dipping sauce, 12 oz Garlic & Parmesan Artichoke Spinach Dip and 16 oz BBQ Sauce

September 2014 Box: 9 oz chile crunch, 4 oz mustard and 7 oz chile red pepper tapenade

October 2014 Box: 12 oz wing sauce, 10 oz lemon mayonnaise and 16 oz mild salsa

November 2014 Box: 5 oz garlic hot sauce, 16 oz sloppy joe sauce and 9 oz coco-garlic sauce

December 2014 Box: 9 oz balsamic blueberry jam, 16 oz giardiniera and 12 oz lemon vinaigrette dressing

January 2015 Box: 11.5 oz raspberry jalapeño cream cheese dip, 6 oz spicy mustard and 20 oz spicy barbeque sauce

February 2015 Box: 16 oz swagger sauce, 14 oz kickin’ ketchup and 16 oz roasted jalapeño salsa

March 2015 Box – Taste the World: 8.5 oz shallot oil, 12 oz japanese spicy mayo and 12 oz parmesan garlic marinade

April 2015 Box: 9 oz balsamic fresh fig jam, 9 oz mustard and 5 oz beer-bacon chipotle (mild) hot sauce

May 2015 Box: 18 oz Dillapeno, 14 oz Mango Peach Habanero BBQ Sauce and 12 oz Taco Sauce

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