Here is what I am looking for online today: I need to find some remedial Math program for my daughter. We put my daughter in an advanced stream at school this year but it is just not working out very well for her. Now she is finishing  the 5th Grade without actually having done any Math for the 5th Grade because this stream was doing Grade 6/7 combined. They skipped Grade 5 altogether. We tested her last year, and she did fine on the test. I studied as much as I could with her last summer doing Grade 5 Math, but I think we may have been going too fast for her. Now we have a situation where she hasn’t done Grade 5 through and through, so I have to find some supplementation for her to help her learn in the summer.

I have found an online Math curriculum that should be suitable for her. She basically has some knowledge of Math Grade 4-7 but with large gaps. I am hoping that this curriculum and testing that I have found will help us identify the areas that we need to work on, and she will be able to study in a few lessons to fill in the gaps in her knowledge.

We will be doing this testing called “Identify and Close” where they will find the areas that she does not understand, and then we will add the lessons that she needs to study. I am hoping this will help.

This website has a 3 months comprehensive program that includes the following –
*Multi-grade level testing
*”Individualized” lesson plan to target the problem areas
*Engaging lessons to learn math concepts (video, audio and text)
*Interactive review with automatic re-teaching
*Practice problems to apply math concepts
*Step-by-step solutions to reinforce math concepts
*Automatic grading and tracking

They have a lot of available materials for Math. Everything you need for Grades 1-9. I think this will be sufficient for her.

Our other daughter is an advanced kid. She is following an advanced program at school, and I am hoping to get her even more advanced hopefully with this curriculum as well. There is a lot of flexibility, and they give discounts for multiple students. If you are to enroll the whole family, you get 20% off on ALL Family Math Packages.

I am going to be able to try this for my daughter, and then I will write about her progress throughout the summer. Hopefully, we will see some progress in her Math quickly so that she doesn’t need to sit over books ALL summer.

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