Today has had a bit of a rough start for me.

Last night my brother contacted me, and he seemed quite out of sorts. I talked to him and my mother all night last night, and that just threw me off to a tangent. Now I have to sort out stuff with them, and I had to put my plans for this morning to the side for the meantime.

I wanted to go to a meetup with local direct sellers to talk business, see what they are up to, and what is going on in the community. Now, however, I decided to stay home this morning, because the situation with my brother is continuing, and I am needed to provide support to them.

So, I stayed home this morning, and now I am getting some stuff done online at least.

I have started my slow cooker dinner for tonight – we will be having pulled pork with King Hawaiian bread that I got this weekend, and maybe I will make a salad on the side, and some veg, not sure what yet. I will post a separate recipe with that shortly.

I have applied for some samples through Pinch Me today. They have samples every month I think that you can claim, but those go fast, so you have to log in right away when they tell you. I was only able to get 5 out of 7 samples today.

Then I got a confirmation that my Allure Thrills box has shipped! I am excited about that one – I will make a post review when it comes.


Last night I received my second Try the World box – it was Paris themed. I thought it was good for the most part, only one item is really a miserable mystery, everything else is great – this is a box I am very happy to have subscribed to! You can get $15 off your box of Try the World if you subscribe – that’s a great deal, trust me!


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