Today we have received our vegetable and fruit delivery, and now I have to start planning our meals for the week. I have been having a bit of trouble actually planning all the meals out properly beforehand partly because I am a bit slow at it, everything is constantly changing in our fridge, and we shop so much that planning just hasn’t been working out these few weeks. I am hoping to get back into it this week. For starters, I am publishing the pictures of the produce I got.






Here is the list of what we got:

1 cantaloupe

1 bunch of red spring onions

3 apples

2.5 lbs of carrots

3 oranges

5 nectarines

0.66 lb garlic

1 bunch of radishes

2 tomatoes

0.66 lbs of mushrooms

1 bunch green kale

1 bunch of spinach

Here is what I am planning to cook with these:

Snacks – apples, cantaloupe, oranges

Make carrot cake this week

Quick pickle radishes (I don’t know what else to do with them, give me some ideas in the comments, if you know 🙂

mushrooms + onions + garlic + cream – a side dish

green kale * 2 days sides

spinach – side dish 1 day

I have tomatoes and nectarines left after these are done. Most likely I will add tomatoes to a sauce or make a soup.

Nectarines are great raw as a snack.


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