Hello y’all!

It has been almost 2 weeks since I have made a proper post in my blog, and I feel ashamed. The worst feeling… I feel like I am letting myself down by not updating, but these two weeks have been quite busy to say the least.

Our baby turned 1 year old! Yesterday was a rough day as she was 10 days post her vaccinations, and she came down with a small rash, and was just not falling asleep at night at all. We stayed up till very late trying to calm her down, and finally she fell asleep after a 1 hour ride in a car. This was probably the first time she has made such a fuss with not falling asleep, so I think she will be trying to get more rest over the next few days.

Here is our baby here – we took this picture just 2 days ago at the older girls’ school picnic.



We have been having a lot of picnic lunches outside, and hopefully will be able to have one tomorrow as well, as long as it doesn’t rain here!

We had a hot dog lunch outside today, and it was a lot of fun, the whole family enjoyed it!






Our tonight’s dinner was really nice – we had pork and kale.


pork loin, wrapped in bacon and barbequed

kale, browned with fresh green garlic, prepared with lard on the stove.

mashed potatoes with cream (didn’t make it to the picture as this was just for the kids, and we are trying to eat low-carb)





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