This week has been tough so far, not sure why. I guess blogging can get overwhelming. I have only been really blogging for about a month and a half now, and I am just pretty overcome with tasks to do now. How do you people all blog for years? It is very difficult to do, I have to say, with all the other life going on.

Blogging is definitely a commitment of time, and organization. This challenge makes me just this much more aware of the chaos around me, and I have to take hold of myself, and get organized ASAP, or else I think this is going to get out of hand.

This week my daughter’s presentation was due at school, and we have been emotionally drained due to this presentation. My daughter is struggling a bit this year at school, so this has also been challenging.

Another issue is my brother who is now in the hospital for the second time over the last month. About a week ago I was so stressed because of him, I thought he was going to die. Death is really something I don’t want to be dealing with right now. Death is something that you can’t get back from, once you step over and go to that other side. I really hope he gets better soon. He wasn’t eating or sleeping for several days, so I was really worried. Now, supposedly, he is getting better, but this remains to be seen. It is something that he and his doctors have to figure out. All I can do is work, work, and work non-stop to pay for his health and living bills. I have to say the financial issues are draining me down as I have to support my mother and my brother somehow… And I don’t even have a job, and am taking care of a small baby at home!

Now, as my brother is getting better (hopefully) on the other side of the world, we are gearing up for a rehearsal and a recital this week for both of my daughters at their dance class. This will be a big event for us, as I have to volunteer for at least 3 hours both days of the rehearsal and recital, and my kids will be dancing until they drop for a long time, so that will be “fun”. They are not particularly enjoying this, however, their attitude changes a lot, and it is quite a big deal for them to be doing at this time. At least their school projects are almost over!

I was going to post my meal planning, budgeting and challenge for this month now, but it is pretty late here, so I will be posting all that, AND MORE tomorrow I hope. Stay tuned….

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