Twenty Dinners by Ithai Schori and Chris Taylor is a fascinating book of recipes that I want to write about today. This book intrigued me by its beautiful cover, and I was anticipating an amazing read that would teach me how to cook something spectacular. However, after looking through the book, I have found that most of the recipes I already know and make.

I did find the photographs in the book pretty amazing. The books looks and reads like it is made for young hipsters who are just sort of starting out living on their own, and are looking into acquiring some of the skills that come with having to cook meals for friends and relatives, where they have to be actually responsible for the cooking. I think I have passed that stage, and can whip up a meal for a group at any time.

So, the recipes given in the book didn’t really fascinate me. I would like to try them, and see if the instructions are going to teach me any tricks I don’t already know. I am sure there is still a lot to learn for me in every possible technique, as I am not a professional chef.

I also found some fillers in the book, like “a bowl of cherries” for dessert, or “pea puree” that is just blended peas and stock. I wish there were more complex recipes in the book to make it more sophisticated, I would say.

So, a lot of the recipes are things I already cook, or have a similar style of recipes that I cook, or the things in the book are just not that exciting.

However, I do think that maybe it is because I cook very similar types of food, and so I already know how to cook all of those things. I do make a lot of the similar foods, or use similar ingredients. What I could use from this book are wine and cocktail pairings, and some pickling and baking tips. I am very intrigued by Lillie’s sticky toffee pudding, the sunset spot cocktail, and Turkish style paella.

I don’t think that this book would be something that I would purchase for myself. I just wouldn’t be able to justify the price paid for it, as it doesn’t have a lot of new recipes that I would need. It looks like a nice coffee table book to look through though as the photographs in it are amazing. So, 5 stars for photos, and 3 stars for recipes so far, as I haven’t cooked anything from the book yet.

This book retails for $37.50, and could be a good gift for a birthday party, or just as a token of appreciation. This book encourages readers to have dinners in parties of friends, and it translates this message of friendship, and community, as well as happy times with friends, enjoying the new harvest, and creating memories.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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