I have received Ghassoul Clay Mask recently made by Zakia’s Morocco! This mask goes so well with my other recent Moroccan theme – a box from Try the World – and a review of that box is found here.


I am really interested in Moroccan goodies, for sure! This is a country that I have never visited, and I haven’t really heard much about it. What I know is that the nature there is amazing. They have deserty climate, and a lot of sand. People live quite simply, there isn’t too much heavy production going on, the nature is quite unpolluted. Anything that comes from Morocco, made from Moroccan natural soil, plants or clay found there must be of exceptional quality. So many times you purchase a product, and you have no idea where the origin of the product is. When a product is based on something coming from clean natural environment, you can rest assured that what you will be using does not have any chemicals that would harm you.


This particular mask is made of organic natural clay from the Ancient Atlas Mountains of Morocco. When I opened the package, the clay looked very much like what you would expect clay from Morocco look like – the color was the color of brown wood mixed with sand. I liked now natural it looked!

I have noticed some issues with the product itself for me. The mask came in a nice package, that was shrink-wrapped. It was definitely a new product that I got. However, once I opened the lid, there was no seal on the package, and that to me maybe an issue in that I am not sure how fresh the product is really. I think I would prefer to have a package with an additional seal on it. That’s what we are used to seeing in North America these days anyways. Just, this is something expected from most products, and this particular product did not have this feature.

Another issue for me was the application of the product. This clay is very versatile. It is actually quite great, because it can be used as a mask for hair, as a facial mask, or a full body mask. I have so far used it as a hair mask.

There are several ways to apply the hair mask. One way is to do it quickly, just mixing with your shampoo on the palm of your hand, just before applying the mask. That’s what I did. Another way is to mix the mask of clay with tepid water, and form a clay-like paste, and only then apply it to your hair. I didn’t pick this one.

For me, now that I have a small baby, my two blogs, a huge house to take care of, I really have to consider the time I spend in the shower, so every second is valuable, and I have to do things as quickly as I possibly can. So, I have decided to make the mask quick in the shower, and I just put a splash of shampoo, and then added approximately the same amount of the clay powder. Unfortunately for me, my portion of clay powder was a bit too much, and I made a bit of a mess in the shower. That was easy to rinse off though with the water. I rubbed the shampoo with the clay powder together until the clay mixed completely with the shampoo. I ended up adding a bit more shampoo as I thought the consistency was a bit too lumpy at first because I put too much clay powder. Then I applied the mix as I usually do my shampoo, and rinsed it off. The hair after this mask felt like it usually feels after I use expensive shampoo on my hair. I went ahead and used a conditioner on my rinsed hair because I like my hair a bit smoother.

I haven’t tried to apply the clay on my face or body yet, but I definitely will. This product seems of great quality, it is and feels very natural, which is wonderful. This is what women of Morocco have used for probably thousands of years before modern chemical based cosmetics were invented. Natural clay is very unpolluted, unadulterated mix that will provide you a peace of mind that you are using something that you can be sure will not make your skin react or make you absorb chemicals you don’t want. This is the way to treat your body and hair, and a wonderful thing it is that we are all going back to our roots, and to mother nature to seek natural solutions for beauty and health!

One point I wanted to raise with this product though – even though the product seems great that it is a one product for hair and body treatments, I suffer from lack of time with my beauty routine. The best way to apply this clay is in the form of a mix, where you have to mix the clay with some water, or shampoo for a hair mask. I would appreciate to be able to avoid having to go through this extra step of mixing, and be able to just open my container with the mask, and be able to apply it directly on the skin, without have to first mix it with something. This extra step requires me to get a spoon, a bowl, have my water ready, and this is just not practical for me right now with my time constraints. So, I think for our crazy modern world of not churning your own butter, buying pre-made and pre-cooked bread, using microwave to reheat and cook, we would be looking at some customers not satisfied as they have to go that extra step to have the product ready with the mixing and the dissolving. So, that’s just my main issue – my two cents.

I will definitely try to use this product more for masks on my face, and on my body. I think the hair mask worked, and it was quite easy to use really. I am very happy to ditch some of the products that I usually buy for my hair for this all-natural clay mask! And this mask is very affordable (compared to some other little packs of products out there, we won’t name them, they know who they are!)¬†This mask retails for $10.99 on Amazon, so I highly recommend purchasing it now before it goes back up in price!

So, for the scores, I will give the product itself 5 out of 5, but I think the company for its packaging and presentation of the product will get a 4 – I wish there was a seal, and the product would be pre-mixed to be able to use it faster.

This mask is to be applied weekly for toning, detoxifying, and rejuvenating. Try it out! There is also a giveaway for a product from Zakia, so you might just be in luck, and this product will be free for you if you enter! Zakia’s Morocco is offering 10 gift certificates of $50.00 each! This is an incredible deal! Рthis is the link for the giveaway!

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This is a Sponsored post, I have received this product for free to write a review on it. The opinion expressed is my honest opinion, this is what I really think about it.


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