Here is what we got:

4 potatoes (3 left, used 1 for soup)

1 bunch onions

3 apples

1.5 lbs of beets (boiled the beets today for a salad)

3 oranges

1 mango

0.5 lbs peas

3 nectarines

1.25 lbs grapes

2 tomatoes

0.66 lbs mushrooms

1 bunch of spinach

I have used some of the produce already. Here is what my plan is for this week to do with the rest:

– bake the potatoes

– eat apples, oranges, and grapes as snacks

– fry mushrooms on the stove with cream and onions. This is my regular dish with mushrooms that I always make and eat, I may switch it up this time, not sure yet.

– make a salad with beets, orange segments, and nuts

– make a mango and tomato salsa with red onions



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