This weekend is almost over – another week has passed! This week was a bit difficult – first my daughter had a presentation to do at school, and then a big rehearsal and recital on stage for her dance class. This was a big event as I had to participate as a volunteer, both daughters danced, and the little one was hanging in with us as well.

While I like dancing and their class, I am glad it is finally over, and this week has finished. The girls still have school for a few more weeks here, so there will be a lot for them to do still in the weeks to come.

Due to all these performances our feeding schedule has been kind of all over the place. I tried to pack as much food for the family to go as I could, but my husband still ended up going out 3 times with the baby, while we three worked the concert. So, our budget has finally got its big dent. I will be listing now what we got at the stores as well.

Budget so far – $790.46

I have also established a separate budget for cleaning supplies, meds, and all other pharmacy stuff that might have to be purchased. This budget is going to be $300 for this month, and it will be spent on top of my $800 food budget.

Applebees – $15.09

Applebees – $29.03

Gas station – drinks – $5.00

Malaysian restaurant – ? around $15 I would imagine)

Shopping trip 1 –

raisins $2.03

buttermilk $2.69

whipping cream $2.99

soppressata $4.99

olives $4.80

feta cheese $2.90

free 2 Daiya pizzas

popcorn $2.99 and a free one

Salad dressing Annie’s 2X $3.84

chocolate chips $5.99

Gerber baby food $7.74

Cinnamon ground $2.99

puffs baby fo0d $2.99

baby teethers $3.99

chocolate chips $6.39

yogurt snacks 2X$3.99

Coffee mate $3.49

Daiya cheese $2.69+$2.69+$3.39

Butter $5.00 2 packs

Stonyfield yogurt $4.49

burgers $5.38+$5.45

chicken drumsticks $7.86+$8.30

strawberries $9.98

papaya $5.52

ginger $1.44

green beans $4.23

red cherries $8.40

red potatoes $3.11

rhubarb $2.39

sushi $5.79+$5.29

gari $1.89

free bread

Total paid $164.68

Shopping trip 2

paper towels $8.68

pizza $7.50 – 3 packs

free burgers

ice-cream $5.44

butter $2.98×2

Tide $17.97

medications $9.88+$3.98+$6.98

Shopping trip online – $106.53 – bought soaps and stuff

2 vegetable boxes this week and past week 2X$47.95

Total now after two shopping trips and restaurant meals –

Food budget left – $446.86

Got 3 boxes out of 10 planned for food

Other pharmacy/cleaning product budget – $145.98


One other thing happened this weekend – I received a confirmation about my CSA box. I have sighed up for a new vegetable/fruit box and wasn’t sure if it would work as I was asking for a few discounts along with it, and it actually worked out! I will start getting new vegetable delivery starting in about a week and a half from now. I think my food costs will go down with that delivery a bit as well. The new boxes will cost $35.50 less some discounts I was able to snag. Now I pay $47.95 per box. That means $12.45 in savings every week, and the boxes will still be delivered to our door!








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