I have been so privileged this week to try another product by Adovia. I have written a review a few weeks ago about Adovia Purefying Mud Mask, and now I have tried their exfoliating body scrub with Dead Sea salt and natural oils! I am so lucky to have been chosen to review this product, I cannot tell you how much I love it!
I generally don’t use a lot of scrubs for my body, due to costs mostly. I tried Yves Rocher body scrubs, and some pharmacy brands, but this one is something else! This wonderful product is based on Dead Sea salts and oils. The oils they use are apricot oil, grape seed oil and almond oils. The oils are on the top of the container, while the salt falls to the bottom.
Generally, scrubs should have a lot of texture for them to work and exfoliate well. This scrub is wonderful as it has the salt from the Dead Sea in it that definitely helps to release old skin cells, and make your skin smoother. The oil gives the skin wonderful natural glow when you apply it.
The way I used the scrub, I washed my body, and then applied the scrub on the skin, and rubbed some in to ensure that it really gets into the skin well. Then I just rinsed it off in the shower, and it was very easy to rinse off. The body was covered in oil shine after the application, which made my skin very smooth, and silky.
I also loved the scent of the scrub. It smelled like soapy ocean water, and this is great as it makes you feel like you are at a home spa! This is an incredible experience for a very affordable price!
I think that a trip to a spa for a few hour would cost me at least $75. I find that Adovia products, both the clay mask that I tried, and this scrub make you feel rested, and as if you have just been to a real spa. This is home spa experience for very low cost! Now, that I don’t have the budget for spas, and I don’t have the time to go and spend in a spa half a day I think this is a wonderful compromise to make a spacation at home for probably about $15 total in products that are probably even higher quality than what you would get at a spa!
I also find that this package will last me about 2-3 applications if I were to cover my whole body with the scrub. I really only do the legs, maybe some of my body as well, so I think it will probably last me 7-8 applications, if not longer! This means it costs maximum $3-5 per application! Not bad!
This product can be purchased on Amazon here for $17.95 and free shipping at the moment. It can also be purchased here for $14.95 at the moment. The prices will likely change with time. Get it now before it is too late and becomes too expensive! I love this product Р10 out of 10 points!


This is a sponsored post. I have received this product for free for a review, no other compensation was provided to me. I am expressing my honest opinion about this product!

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