This week was very busy, I have to say, mostly busy with the baby. She is crawling a lot now, everywhere really, so now I am just running around most of the day. I have been spending a lot of time on my other blog as well. There are just too many giveaways happening, I am catching as many as I can, check them out at


This weekend we have been busy picking up some strawberries and veggies at farms. I am not getting any veggies until my new CSA box starts on Thursday, so we have to make do for a few days, so we decided to go pick some fresh ones at a farm nearby.



Last week I also got strawberries, and made my strawberry rhubarb bars out of those. This week I made jam out of what we picked. It was a sunny day, and the field was mobbed by people, most big strawberries were gone by the time we got there, and we spend maybe 1 hour in the sun picking whatever we could, which wasn’t much. It cost us only $2.40 for 1.6 lbs of strawberries – not bad at all! We went to Remlinger Farm for strawberry picking. We checked out their store and restaurant – very touristy, we will probably not go back. They had a lot of canned products for sale – mostly everything cost $6.99 for a regular jar. That seemed like a steep price for canned products.


Today we got two bags of Swiss chard, two bags of lettuce, a small amount of sugar snap peas as well. We will use some of the lettuce tomorrow for a picnic we are going to. We ate some of the chard already – it was amazing. We went to a farm in Snohomish nearby called Bailey’s farm. We have only been there once last year, and it was great. It was just as good today as well. It is a very nice, smaller sized farm, and the prices for the veggies are certainly right! We also made some Thai chicken today. Just grilled the thighs, finished them in the oven, made a sauce with Thai spice mix and coconut milk, and added cilantro at the end – it was great! The veggies cost only $8.25 today! Way to go for our budget!


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