I have received a new product for a review. This is one of my favorite products of this week that I have discovered!


I love to use my oven for baking. I pretty much bake something sweet or savory every day. One indispensible item when you are using your oven is having a reliable oven mitt!


In our family we have never had a proper American wedding. I got some money as wedding gifts, I got a table cloth that I was never able to even bring to North America, and that’s about it. My wedding in Russia was a low budget wedding. When I moved to North America long time ago all we had as a family was my husband’s old utensils, pots, pans from college. We had to buy everything ourselves. Oven mitts were really never on my list. We used the ones my husband already had.

With time those oven mitts really broke down. We threw out one just a few weeks ago. We have only one from that old set, and then I bought another fabric mitt set a few years ago, and we still have it.

So, we never got oven mitts as a wedding gift, we used the cheapest possible ones we had, and never knew what we were missing.

Until I got these amazing silicone gloves. I thought that gloves would be hard to put on vs oven mitts, but was I wrong. These Etherno oven and barbeque safe gloves are perfect, so easy to put on your hand, it is no different than putting on oven mitts I have.


Silicone gloves feel cool and comfortable on your hand. I couldn’t use my old fabric mitts because they disintegrated pretty much on me, and got holes, so I could feel the heat through the fabric. These new gloves are great because they keep the heat away from your hands – the whole point of having protective gloves – and it works like a charm! I should have got these long time ago.

Really something important with those – do not overlook getting new oven mitts – this is something you use every day, and you should not delay getting new ones.

The new silicone technology is great as it is waterproof, and can withstand really low and high temperatures. Silicone gloves are easy to clean, very durable. You can even wash them in a dishwasher, or a microwave. That’s one other issue as my fabric oven mitts would get so dirty as I wouldn’t wash them very often as I didn’t have that many pairs to rotate them. This is resolved with this new pair of Etherno silicone gloves.

I feel like I should get a few more of these for gifts, giveaways, and for barbequing to keep one pair on the patio. What a great gift these would make for a host, if you are going to go to a party in the next few weeks! Here is where to find these gloves – right now retailing for $9.99

I have received this product for free for a review. All opinions about this product are my own honest opinions.

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