One exciting product that I want to share is pink baby car seat cover – #babycarseatcovers. I have never used this type of product before, so it was great to be able to actually try it!

My baby is 13 months old now, and she never sleeps! Well, she does sleep when we take her for walks in her stroller, at night, and once in a while she dozes off during the day just for no reason. I hope this is a phase.


I think one of the reasons my baby is not sleeping is that there is too much light everywhere. At night she sleeps better as there is dark everywhere around.

So, a product like this pink baby car seat cover works great because it creates darker environment. One side of the cover is made of funky cute pink design, and the other side is very fluffy soft, but at the same time matte and non light penetrating pink material. When you cover your car seat with this cover the baby definitely gets that darkness that would mimic night time, and would sleep much better.

I love this product, but I feel like it is not for me. I wish I were like all of those mothers who keep their little babies in the car seat covered up, and go about their business, chatting away in restaurants with friends, and clicking tableware around. I have seen mothers with teeny tiny babies sitting through 3 hour concerts just the other week. Unfortunately, I have got a squirmy baby. Her whole thing with this car seat cover is playing peekaboo! I don’t think she is destined to sleep unless she just literally drops down from tiredness.


I will give this product 5 stars out of five, because it looks like it is very well made, the fabrics on both sides of the cover are beautiful, look like they are easy to clean, and just all around wonderful product. The car seat cover comes with a stroller hookup.

I can’t really use this cover for my baby because I don’t travel in the car with the baby much, and she is now too old for it. I am very thankful to have received this pink car seat cover free of charge for this review. I am expressing my honest opinion about this product!

You can enter the giveaway below. This giveaway will run for 20 days! Lots of opportunities to enter and win. Or, if you don’t want to wait, and love this car seat cover, you can purchase it from Bonafidebaby or from Amazon below. This car seat cover retails for $21.95 at the moment.

Pink Car Seat Cover Giveaway

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