I have recently received a pack of two car wash mitts for a review. This product is very interesting to me, as we always need to get our cars washed, but we never have time to do it, and we often lack supplied to do it, so we opt out for a car wash for money. This time we decided to wash our cars with the help of these great car wash mitts and our daughter volunteered to hep out with the washing. I will, of course, jump at any opportunity for my daughter to help us with chores!


Soap fun

We didn’t have any car wash soap, so we just used some dish soap we had to get some soapy action, and get some of those mud stains and dirt off the car.


How my daughter worked on chores today

I have to say that the mitts did their job well! My daughter started slowly first, and in the end got all the mitts well soaked in the soap and water solution, and got both of our cars much cleaner.

At first the mitt was not getting her hands too wet, but in the end, when she soaked the mitts completely in water, they did get wet, of course. I guess it depends how soaking wet you intend to get those mitts.

Great quality mitts

I think the reason my daughter wanted to try to wash the car with the mitts was because the mitts look so beautiful with the bright orange color, and so fluffy to touch.

My husband was a bit concerned about using the dish soap to wash the car, but you do with what you have on hand, and the mitts did well, and no paint came off the car at all anywhere.

I think these colorful mitts make the car washing really enjoyable. My daughter started with wanting to wash only one car, but ended up washing both cars we have.

Now that the cars are clean, I think we will try to use the mitts in the house washing some windows as well. We need to work on spring cleaning the house desperately.

The mitts got soaking wet after this great cleaning, and they are hanging in to dry outside now. They still looked like new though, the little hanging thingies on the mitts still look intact. These mitts are of great quality as nothing came off, unravelled, or broke off after a good thorough two car cleaning.
Great mitts! Thank you Federico’s Car Care for providing these free of charge for an honest review. My daughter sure had fun testing them out, and we got two cars cleaned today! Love it! What a great product for both car enthusiasts, and those who like to have fun cleaning things! (Hey, I hope this will be a start of my daughter actually becoming a cleaning freak – go #Washmitts !)

Are you having trouble getting your cleaning done, and need some help of some cleaning genies? Get those mitts fast!

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