I have received a new product I would love to write about by OZ Naturals. I have already reviewed their Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C product before, and now I have received Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme dermafoliant for a review.
I am not a great pro in beauty products, so for starters I started wondering what dermafoliant actually is. I have found another product that was a dermafoliant, and turns out from the description that dermafoliant is a product based on rice that contains lactic acid, and that exfoliates your skin and removes dead cells. This other product was $48. Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme dermafoliant retails for $24.95 now.
This dermafoliant comes nicely packaged from OZ Naturals. It is a natural, vegan, cruelty free product. It is 90% organic, contains bambusa powder, sucrose, lactic acid, camellia leaf extract, panthenol, and thioctic acid. It is basically based on lactic acid, B5 and green tea extract. Sounds very natural, and good for you too.
As I have never used this product before, and the word “dermafoliant” sounds kind of odd to me, I was still suspicious about this product. I try not to overdo products on my skin, and sometimes some of products just seem like an overkill. So I slowly opened the container, and looked inside.
The consistency of the product is like finely ground rice, it has somewhat medicinal odour to it.
I followed the instructions to mix the product up in my hand with a bit of water to form a thin mixture. Then I applied it to my face, and rubbed it in in smooth motions. I found the feeling similar to what I experienced when I used to see a dermatologist daily in Russia, as I used to have a lot of acne when I was younger. I went to a dermatological clinic getting facials and treatments, and they used some type of masks there that smelled very similar to this dermafoliant, in a good way. Brought memories from my youth.
The dermafoliant felt like nice sugary scrub on my face. It really worked on the skin getting rid of all dead cells. After I washed it off, my skin felt smoother than the skin of my baby! I actually couldn’t believe it! There was no oil, or any bumps felt on the skin after this dermafoliant!
I think this product is great! It is very gentle on skin, at the same time exfoliating, and making your skin much smoother. I didn’t feel any dryness after using this product, and I am sure the elements in this product are going to protect my skin from any damage. Vitamin B5 in this product will also help to reduce any inflammation and redness of my skin from this exfoliation.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.


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