I have never owned a selfie stick. I was so happy to be able to finally use one after I have heard so much about them.

Any new technology sounds quite intimidating to me, but in this case the stick turned out very intuitive. My kids loved it as well.


We just opened the pack, got the stick out, and started playing with it. I thought it was amazing.

The stick we picked was black, and you just screw on the phone holder, and then attach the clip to ensure your phone doesn’t slide out. Then just pose, and take a picture.

This stick is very light and simple to use. It folds and unfolds quickly. It will be great to take with us on sightseeing trips. We will probably just stick it in our backpack, and we will be good to go. Then we don’t have to ask strangers to take a photo of us.

We tried to take pictures with it with the whole family, and I posted it on Instagram right away (Daddy was at work though).

And then my kids started using it themselves, so I took pictures of them using it. The older two, not the baby one.



This selfie stick is available at DealStock. Right now the cost is $9.99 which is 50% off! What a great deal!

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