Just now was working on my site, and all of a sudden one of the ads shows me this picture.

The title of the article – 7 recipes just like your Mom used to make. Wouldn’t you freak? I did.

If you don’t know yet, my mother used to be a baker for 15 years or so whose one and most sold item ever was baklava. I used to help her make it a lot. I don’t make it now more than 2 times a year or so. You could say I got tired of it, and it does require quite a bit of work. Our recipe is different from this one. I might even have trouble remembering the recipe, but I think it will come to me if I start actually making it.

I won’t publish the recipe, but I should make baklava one of these days. I just made my strawberry rhubarb bars yesterday. This is my new go to recipe for when I need me some dessert. Helps that I have rhubarb and strawberries in the fridge.

I still have strawberries leftover, any ideas of what I could make?

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