My family got the privilege of reviewing a great new children’s book called “The cheeky monkey” by Rose Hibbert. The book has a fun rhyme in it, and there are lots of great illustrations in this book.

I think this book is suitable for 3-8 year olds. My kids are 9, 11, and 1, but the older two were able to read the book and review it. Here is what they said about it –

It was a good book. I would rate it a 4 star. It was about this monkey who was really mischevious, like he put the red paint everywhere and things like that, and then one day the girl wanted him to stop, and so she told him to stop, and then they played a lot of hide and seek.

Summary:   First, the girl asked the monkey if he wanted to play with her. Then the monkey messed up the neighbor’s clothing, then the monkey took a can of red paint and splattered red all over the girl’s bed sheets. Then finally the girl told the monkey she didn’t like what the monkey was doing. The monkey told the girl that he was playing. The girl taught the money other games like hide and seek and then they played till’ dark.

age range: 6-8        rating: 3 stars
I am glad to be able to give my kids these little jobs in the summer that have to do with reading and book analysis. I think this is great for them to do! They don’t get to read much, they prefer to play games with each other, so this is a wonderful activity for them to do. I keep all the words intact, just like they wrote it – so enjoy!

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