I got the privilege of reviewing this great Bru Joy Handheld Milk Frother, and to be able to hold a giveaway on my blog for this item – I am so excited!

This milk frother by Bru Joy will be mailed to the winner within 40 days of winning the contest by Bru Joy directly. I am not responsible for the winnings, just the company who is sponsoring this contest.

I like to have a frother like this at home primarily for my husband. He drink coffee with coconut oil a lot in the morning in place of breakfast. The way to make this coffee is you have to froth the coffee in order to be able to melt the oil, and drink the coffee.

Of course, these frothers are great for milk or soy milk, or even mixing some hot chocolate in your cup. It works very well, it is a great design, and a very fast frothing that you get with Bru Joy Handheld Milk Frother.

I love this particular model because it is very ergonomic. It has an easy to hold handle. This frother is battery operated. It is great for making foam in your coffee quickly.

This model is great to take with you on the go to work, as you cannot bring very big frothers with you for that. My husband keeps one of these at his job, and can make his special coffee any time now.

This device is great for keto dieters, or for any low carb dieters, as you can skip your breakfast, and just have this wonderful coffee drink, but you do need to have a frother for that!

You may wonder what this frother does to your coffee, but I know it definitely does not splatter coffee all over the place as long as you follow instructions on how to use it, which come with your package!

You can buy this frother now for $19.98 if you don’t want to wait till the end of the giveaway. There will be only 1 winner!

This giveaway will go for only 7 days, so make sure you sign up!

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Bru Joy Handheld Milk Frother Giveaway

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