Just about two weeks ago my phone died because it was out of charge. We had only one cable available for my husband’s and mine phones, and for our two cars. This gets a bit difficult to manage since my husband likes to charge his phone in the car, and then often forgets to bring it in the house, and I forget to go get it, so as a result I always have very low battery charge on my phone.

Now that I am blogging, I am taking a ton of photos and videos, and having a working phone is just as important as having a working computer for blogging purposes. Two weeks ago I ended up buying cables at the Apple store. They were out of Apple cables and sold me whatever they had. The interaction with the employee was interesting. He goes, “Well, I am not sure if these cables will work, but we are out of Apple cables… You can get these, but they may not work”. And here I stand with two older kids who are tugging on me, and a baby who is screaming. So, I just asked point blank, “Can you give me a cable that will work for my phone?” He gave me first a very short one, I took it, and then he gave me a pretty long one, and I got it as well. I just want to have enough cables at different outlets in the house to use. Now the price was steep for 2 non-Apple products. I think I paid about 60 dollars for 2 cables. What to do, I needed a working phone.

Now I know what a great mistake that was. I just got a pack of 3 wonderful Apple device suitable charging cables. These cables are provided by Cornucopia Brands. They are all different lengths. 3 feet, 6 feet and 9 feet. So, each pack comes with 3 cables. If you don’t need such long ones, you can always tie them shorter with special Velcro ties.

I think my search for cables is over! I have found the best deal in town, and these cables definitely work for my phone! They cost only $29.99 for 3 of them, and this is a so much better deal than anything available in retail stores here.

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