I usually don’t use pacifiers with any of my babies. However, this youngest baby is an oddball compared with the older sisters. She cries a lot more than they did at her age. She also picks up stuff from everywhere, and puts it in her mouth.

So, a good solution I thought would be to give her a pacifier. I don’t think it is a great thing to do, but maybe it could keep her happy, and she wouldn’t put that much of garbage into her mouth she picks up everywhere, as she would already have something in her mouth.

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On that note I decided to try these new pacifier clips. I don’t remember seeing them readily available everywhere with my other kids, but I started seeing them on small children and toddlers. I still don’t think they are available in brick and mortar stores, but I was lucky enough to find them online. The ones that I got are unisex, so they are yellow, green and red in color. This company also makes more boyish and more girlish colors.

My baby has been using this pacifier with a clip for a few days now, and I think she is ok with it. She sucks on the pacifier from time to time, and seems a little happier maybe now with the pacifier available.

These pacifier clips sell for $16.95, and I think this is a great product to have when you have a small baby in the house, and you want to keep the baby happy.

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