I got this bad habit now of working late at night, but the good part of it is that I always make myself a cup of nice tea, often with dessert on the side. Today’s tea is Comfort Tea by Culinary Teas. This tea is promising a good night sleep, a relaxing comfort after a long day.

This tea tastes of mint and chamomile, I think. Will be great for sleep, definitely. It is of very pale color, almost similar to white tea color, but I think it is mostly chamomile in it by the taste of it anyway. I just looked at its ingredients, and I was correct to find that it contains chamomile and spearmint. One of the ingredients is actually from Washington state in it.

I am usually not a huge fan of chamomile tea, but this does taste nice, mellow and fruity. It is also very soporific.

Today hasn’t been that long of a day, but I haven’t been feeling that well lately. Breastfeeding is giving me some trouble, and I think I may have had fever late last night. I think this condition is called plugged duct, and it has drained me of all my energy today, so the day did seem like a long day for me.

My next project is to submit a video for my daughter to participate in a contest which I have been struggling with for many days now. I am not sure what’s up with my uploading of videos, but her 25 minutes of fame for Youtube is causing my publishing program to fail. Hopefully, I will be able to do it in the next hour or so, so this will be a long night.

I have got over 80 items over the past few days for reviews, so I am slowly working through everything, and trying not to lose track. This is taking up most of my day, and my nights, and my blog is just a few months old, I am not sure how bloggers with many months under their belt do this, this is a lot of work.

I will also hopefully will be posting my meal planning for the coming week tonight.

Tomorrow is a big day – the 4th of July. For me, it is a day I dread because I hate fireworks. It is just too loud, and the sounds come from all directions here. People really get all set, and spend so much money on these fireworks. Seems like thousands and thousands of dollars. Then we hear ambulances and police as well on those days. I am dreading this fireworks day, but it is coming. Last year we went to Whistler, and it was all rainy but fun. Great food! This year we are planning to go blueberry picking in the morning, and then just relaxing in our pool at home. That will be fun!

So, that’s it for tonight! Hopefully, will be able to make more posts before I go to bed. The Comfort Tea is great, very soothing.

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