Today was July 4th, the Independence Day. We have had a blast, and ate some great food all day long.

Our breakfast was just waffles. For lunch we had some hot dogs, as well as a dish from Blue Apron box we got this week. We prepared the shrimp roll dish with yellow and green beans. We have modified the recipe a little. The beans were supposed to have been grilled, but I just boiled them like we usually make them, and then added the vinaigrette sauce to them. This vinaigrette sauce was just shallot, lemon, mustard mixed with olive oil + Old bay seasoning mix.

Shrimp was boiled for 1-2 minutes, and then stirred in with the sauce of 2 celery sticks, tarragon, mayonnaise, old bay seasoning, salt, pepper, hot sauce, and some of the same vinaigrette. This was delicious!

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We had some wine for lunch as well. I tried my new InVino Veritas wine chiller for that. We had white Pinot Grigio wine, but it was not pre-chilled. We only placed this new cooler in our freezer overnight, and then put the chiller in the wine. What I like about this chiller is that it elevated the bottle quite a bit. The chiller has a very pretty bottle cap on the top, and it helps in pouring the wine sparingly and slowly.

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The wine did get chilled quite a bit, and it was nice to drink on a hot summer afternoon. What we didn’t do correctly was that we did not pour out a little bit of wine before starting to use the cooler, so the wine definitely dripped out at the very beginning when we placed the cooler in, so don’t skip this step, and read the instructions! We enjoyed the new device we have, and it will be a great item to have at home for entertaining unexpected guests, when we haven’t pre-chilled the wine beforehand. I think it is important to serve chilled wine, as it cools you down, and tastes so much better.

For dinner we had a very beautiful collection of foods as well. We cooked some ribs with barbeque sauce. We finished off our leftover rice. We have also had grilled garlic scapes which came in our CSA box. Another item that we cooked new today was zucchini pasta. And cole slaw, of course. Both zucchini and cabbage with carrots were also from out CSA box.

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This zucchini pasta dish is based on a dish I just learned through Salted TV. This is a wonderful resource, like a cooking school, that has videos that I watch, and lots of very good recipes to make family time, cooking, baking, entertaining delicious and perfect. This particular recipe is from their Paleo food collection. Salted TV has the first month free subscription right now, they have great recipes!

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I have modified it a bit. Basically what I did was I heated garlic and shallot in oil, added lots of zucchini spirals using my new vegetable spiralizer I got 2 weeks ago. I don’t use spiralizers daily, but it is a useful thing to have in your house, definitely. Then we heated up some store-bought Alfredo sauce, and added to cooked zucchini after we reheated it. Finished with shredded basil. My husband and I loved it, the kids not so much, but it is definitely a dish that I will cook again, probably one of the best dishes with zucchini I have ever had. You won’t know you are actually eating zucchini.

Cole slaw today was something I threw together in a way, I also got inspired by the recipe I saw on Salted TV. Today I made cole slaw with what I had on hand, which was young cabbage, and I used half of it, 2 carrots, and all this was shredded. Then I added some salt, pepper, cumin seeds, grainy mustard, mayonnaise, Zing sugar, apple cider vinegar, and that’s about it. There is a ton of other stuff you can add, like shredded beets, celery salt, mustard seeds, dry mustard, coriander. This cole slaw turned out really delicious, we ate the whole batch. Lucky me, I have the second half of the cabbage, so most likely more cole slaw to come to dinner tomorrow!

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All in all, turned out quite a delicious day with lots of relaxing, and swimming in the pool. Everyone enjoyed the day, and finished it with watching fireworks outside. In our county everyone seems to be into fireworks. We don’t need to buy fireworks ourselves, we have got a lot of neighbors who we can watch! Happy 4th of July, America!

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