Yesterday I got a new grill brush, and my husband couldn’t be happier about it! He is the one who is responsible for grilling, and cleaning the grill, so he is definitely feeling happy now!

He told me that he wanted a brush for a long time because our old brush lost all of its bristles (somehow). This new brush looks like it can handle our dirty grill no problem. My husband is the one working on cleaning with it, but I can see that with this brush you don’t need to scrub with a whole lot of force, because all the charred bits come off pretty easily anyway. This brush with its metal pieces will get to every little part of the grill grate, it is great!

I personally like to have a scrubber made of metal. I use small wire brushes for little kitchen mess scrub cleaning. I think metal really does a good job cleaning the grill.

One concern I might have about this brush is the little metal pieces that do the cleaning job. If they start falling out of the brush, and getting on the grill, and then in the food, there will definitely be a problem. With a plastic bristled brush, even if you end up eating some of the bristles, at least they won’t harm you. Eating metal, especially sharp like that, is really not recommended, so that is definitely my concern. I think I will try to use the brush for some time until I see that the pieces start unravelling, then it will be time for a new brush!

We have tried the brush for two days so far. We are pretty impressed with the effect, and quick clean we get, and how easy it is to use it! I think this grilling season is off to a good start. I have made a small video of us using the brush, here it is.

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