One of the products I have recently received for a review is a SIWU garlic peeler and mincer. This is a very colorful, beautiful product that I have tested out today.

For my zucchini pasta recipe that I just wrote about in my previous blog post I needed some fresh minced garlic, and I thought of using this mincer to try it out. The whole process took quite a bit of time.

I first had to wash the device because I always wash everything that I get from the store, I don’t just use it straight away. This particular mincer has a cap, a separator, a blade, and then a fairly bulky pushing type part mechanism. I just took the cap off and started washing with soap. My dishsoap got everywhere! It went right to all the nook and crannies of the mechanism, and the spring that makes it all work. I did get it washed, now hopefully it won’t rust on me!

Then I went ahead with mincing. I put the garlic as it was under the press. I did not take the peels off at first. I started chopping the garlic, and it didn’t really help much with the peels. I should have probably continued, and let the device get the peels off by itself, but I stopped, got he garlic out, and peeled it myself. I am not sure if this device is capable of peeling or not, I have to test it more!

After the peeling was done, I put the garlic under the press. Bang, bang, bang a few times, and the job was done! I liked the way the garlic looked after it was cut up by the blades! It was cut in a bit of uneven fashion, as you would expect a machine that chops up stuff to do, but I liked it. I liked the texture of garlic that I got after using this device. It was well cut up, partly mushy, with the juices and the flesh sort of mixed together. I like this kind of texture when I am cooking.

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I know this great device is also good for chopping nuts, and onions. I still have to try this chopper on those! I usually don’t like to chop my nuts just with a knife, so this device will come in handy. I think I can use it for situations when I need to mince a lot of garlic and onion, or mince a lot of nuts.

I think I will give 5 stars to this device for efficiency. However, cleanup is a bit of a drag with it. I have to try to wash it in the dishwasher. Not sure if it is dishwasher safe, but normally anything can be washed on the top rack, so I’ll try that. Other than that, this is one of those things that could make your chore of mincing and chopping more of a cool time spent activity.

This device sells for $15.81.

I received this product free from Love Park Products in exchange for my unbiased review. I was not compensated for my review and all my opinions are my own. One may or may not have the same opinion as myself when reading this. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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