I have a beautiful baby girl who loves to watch Baby’s First TV #HarryTheBunnyBabyFirstTV. We watch it on Amazon Prime, and these are the shows that we watch with her a lot. The shows have various characters, like Tilly the Duck, and Harry, the Bunny, and Larry, the bird, who teaches words. There are a lot of shows that are part of these series. There is a lot of fun music, beautiful and fun stories, cool little scenes with animals, clowns, mimes that are parts of these series.

We watch a lot of different episodes with different characters, but my daughter’s most favorite ones are Tilly the Duck, and Harry the Bunny. How happy was I when I found this Harry the Bunny doll!

My daughter was ecstatic to see the Bunny and play with him. What a wonderful toy! If you don’t know the show, you would just think that this is a bunny whose name is Harry, but we here know the whole story behind the toy! So, this plush toy is one of the favorite characters of our baby, and we all love the shows, and the toy!

I cannot tell you the anticipation our whole family has had before getting the toy! Harry the Bunny was arriving in the mail! When I opened the box, I was even more impressed with the toy!

The toy is very well made. Looks just like Harry the Bunny we love on TV! It is a perfect size to hold and hug! Our baby can hold him, and the toy actually is really big. It is not one of those tiny toys you would expect to get for the price your are paying. This toy is huge! In a good way! The colors of fabrics are fantastic, the seams are great – it will not fall apart!

The baby loved the toy! What else would you want from life? Your lovely baby playing with one of the first favorite characters! Feeling happy! This is a toy that will make the whole family joyful, because I am sure you would be surprised you have even found this toy for sale! (I often look for items from random shows my kids watch, and I can’t always find them).

This toy costs $14.88 on Amazon right now.

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