I have been suffering with my stroller long enough! I have finally found one way to keep me happy and keep my drinks! It’s SavvyBaby Stroller Organizer!

I have a fairly expensive stroller that we are using for our second baby. This model did not come with a drink rack at the back. While I would not experiment with hot coffee, even if there were a rack there, as it could spill on the baby, and would not be fun at all, I sometimes wish I had a shelf or a holder of some sort for my cold drinks. Now in the middle of summer, even a place for water would do it. Of course, I would never even dream of also having a holder for my phone, and my cards, and my little knick-knacks, and keys, and whatever else, and 3 cold drinks!

In this picture I was trying the organizer on my other cheap umbrella type stroller. It worked just as well as it did on a big stroller. I love the colors! Definitely my style!

This is a really great item! It is super spacious, I could fit a billion little things and three drinks in it! I have already tried it out on our outing yesterday – it works! The baby is not bothered by it in any way. It does not create a weight issue for the stroller to tip over. It is all special fabric, so it is soft. It stays on the stroller, and doesn’t fall off.

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The way to attach it is using these Velcro straps with little plastic rings. The only issue is that the organizer came new, attached to a carton holder. I pulled on the ties in my usual impatient way, and as the ties were attached to the plastic rings, I, of course, broke the ring. I do have a million other metal rings I can use in place of this ring, so it is no big deal. I have been able to attach the organizer even with this broken ring all right – you just have to play a bit with the Velcro straps.

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