Tonight was a good dinner. I wouldn’t say epic, but it tasted great!

We had burgers, zucchini pasta again (my new favorite dish, can you tell?), and a new item – Enchilada Beans and Rice by Valley Food Storage.

There was a time period once upon a time when I was obsessed with getting emergency food supplies. I got a strange idea that buying emergency food in a large quantity would help me save money on my food. I even inquired seriously about getting a year supply of food. The reason for that was mainly to reduce my food costs. No, I was not afraid that the country would be taken over by aliens, or other types of invaders. No, I am not a prepper, however, I do like preppers’ ideas of developing self-sufficiency, survival skills, and ability to know what to do in emergencies.

I ended up deciding not to buy a whole lot of emergency food supplies back then, and then I forgot about that idea. I was worried that the food would taste bad, I think. We also like to eat fresh food from the farm, as fresh as we can get, really. So emergency food seemed a little different.

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I got to try Enchilada Beans and Rice today – this was the first time I have ever tried freeze-dried emergency supply food from Valley Food storage. I really liked it!

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It is very easy to prepare, and all it is is just dried food, so it looks like there is very little manipulation that was done to the food. I can tell that this food would do well in terms of shelf life – it is good to store for 25 years. The ingredients of this mix are very simple and straight-forward – no oils involved.

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I thought that the taste was very good. It tasted much better than most of the canned soups you get at a grocery store. I think that the technology used to prepare this product is great! It is very easy to prepare – you just add water, let it boil on low heat for 15 minutes, and the dish is ready! I made sure at the beginning to mix the beans and rice well, so that it rehydrated back well.

My whole family enjoyed this dish, even my kids ate it! Thank you, Valley Food Storage, for a great meal tonight!

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