Yesterday I decided to use up the leftover lettuce to make some salad before getting my new CSA box. I have a new Kuuk salad spinner to try out, so this was perfect timing.

I first washed the salad spinner well under warm water and used some dish soap. The salad spinner consists of 3 parts – a bowl, a plastic container for lettuce with holes, and a lid.

This led looks a bit intimidating to me in terms of cleaning. It has a lot of parts, and I keep thinking whether when I am washing the lid, the water will get into little nooks and crannies and make metal parts rust. I guess hopefully it won’t, and we will have to use it more often to see.

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So, once the washing was done, I cut up my lettuce and placed it in the plastic container. Then I washed the lettuce well under water. Then I placed the plastic container insert in the bowl, closed the lid, and spun my salad spinner. The lid was very easy to lock in place on the bowl. The spinner was also very easy to spin.

I have always wanted to have a proper salad spinner for my salads. I have never owned one. I always wash my salads, and inevitably some water escapes to the bottom of the salad bowl, and just stays there, so salad at the bottom of the bowl is always soggy. Never again!

Now I have this great salad spinner to use, and lettuce comes out very dry after you use it. It is great for salads, or even drying your lettuce for your sandwiches as well. I think this salad spinner will become one of my favorites, and I will get to make a lot more delicious salads! I will also use the bowl from the salad spinner for other needs. I always need good bowls.

If I were to complain about anything with this salad spinner (which is really ridiculous, because I love it), is maybe its size. It is a little smaller than the salad spinners I usually see in stores, but it is really a good size for my family. I don’t think I would even need to run it twice for a portion of dinner salad. We just wouldn’t need that much lettuce. Also lettuce is not at all crowded when I use this salad spinner.

I think this device is 5 stars, I am very happy with it so far, and I will be using it a lot! What a great device from Kuuk salad spinner manufacturer!

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