Yesterday we were engaged in a lot of wholesome family time activities that we always do with our kids. Something we have been craving, and we have been putting off doing since we have been so busy with other activities – Hot chocolate making time!

Yesterday the weather was kind of cloudy, and not that hot, so we decided to make some hot chocolate with the kids using our new automatic milk frother made by Estilo company.

I wasn’t sure about this device as I have never used it before. I have used milk frothers in general, but this automatic one is definitely something different. It is a device that will do the job of milk frothing for you. All you need to do is plug it in basically.

So, first things first – we washed it. I always wash my new devices I buy first. The important part about this one was not to get it completely soaking wet as it will need to be placed on a heating element that plugs into the electric outlet.

The whole frother looks like a cute stainless steel jug. It goes so well with most of our other appliances in the kitchen, as we try to keep and get everything we can in stainless steel.

This frother can froth quite a bit of milk in one turn, it was enough for two small cups for my kids. If I were to make more milk for them, it would be wasted, so the amount was perfect.

The device comes with two types of frothing propellers. You choose the one suitable for your needs, whether you need to use hot or cold milk, and whether you are just heating milk or frothing it as well.

So, we poured the right amount of milk, and turned it on. The instructions that came with the device were a bit confusing. They were only in English, but the translation was sort of crooked. I was a little nervous turning it on, because I wasn’t sure when it would actually be ready to be turned off. Basically, you put the jug on the element, turn the first button on, and then wait until the light goes completely out. Then the frothing is done.

photo 2 (28)

I could not believe yesterday how much foam this frother made. This was more foam than you get in a coffee shop. This was outstanding! This is a really great device for coffee lovers! I am sure we will use it a lot later on in the season during endless rains. Lattes is going to be forever better with this foam!

photo 3 (15)

I have to try it with soy milk, which is my choice for lattes.

My kids loved their hot chocolate, too. I just added a bit of cocoa, and the foamed milk, some sugar, and the drink was ready! This was an awesome treat for my kids!

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