Green Tea Cupcakes using Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Matcha

We decided to try out a new recipe using Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea. This tea came in a large can of 100 g, and it is very appropriate to use it in baking, cooking. The quality of this tea is actually better than most matcha teas sold for cooking purposes.

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I have already reviewed Midori Spring matcha tea before. This tea is very similar to the previous one I have reviewed. This tea is also Organic, also ceremonial, but “quality” not “premium” green tea. This is Emerald class tea. It is also from Japan, mostly the region of Aichi, Kagoshima. This tea is best to use in brewing, baking, and cooking.

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This tea is great to use because of its antioxidants compared with regular teas, as well as energy boosting qualities, and ability to support metabolism.

The recipe that we picked to make out of this matcha tea powder was green tea cupcakes. My daughter found the recipe, and made it all by herself. Then she decorated the cupcakes with ricotta frosting. I have enjoyed her cupcakes with my tea, I loved them!

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What a great way to enjoy your matcha tea!

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