Ageless Peptide Eye Serum is the third product that I have received for a review from La Deessa.

This product is great because it is recommended to apply on your eye area. It is great to find a 72% organic peptide serum for the eye area.

Not only your face, but your eyes as well, need some kind of relaxation, nourishment, and treatment. My eye areas are already showing signs of aging with crow’s feet wrinkles, and dark circles under my eyes. I am always looking for natural products to help me with my bags under my eyes.

The eye serum is pumped out of the container, and it is of transparent color, and is quite liquid. It is easy to apply on the eye area, and you only need a little amount.

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I like the ingredients of this serum. They are very similar to the ingredients of the other La Deessa products, so it is nice to use this eye serum in combination with other products by La Deessa which will give a better combined effect, and the ingredients will work well together. The scent of this serum is also quite similar to the scents of other La Deessa products, and mainly smells like an herbal infusion would smell.

Hyaluronic acid and glycerin made their way into this product, and the consistency of the product is similar to a lot of other hyaluronic acid and glycerin based products I have seen in the market.

This eye serum, like all the other products by La Deessa is produced in the USA.

Its great formula will assist in keeping your eye area skin youthful and glowing.

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