This morning I tried a new type of coffee – Coffee Crazy Organic French Roast coffee. It came in a typical coffee pouch. The coffee was in whole bean form. I liked the colors when I opened the package. It didn’t look burned or too pale either. It looked just like coffee should look like, and how you would imagine coffee to be.

The coffee in the bag has a pleasant aroma, and I rushed to have a cup, because I was so excited to try it. I usually use my espresso machine for coffee making. It is quick, and easy, as the machine grinds my coffee, and then just through two manipulations I can get myself a perfect wake-me-up cup every time.

This coffee was very easy to drink. It did not have any after taste, or anything oddly peculiar about it. It tasted just right, and seemed like a great coffee cup I usually crave. It gave me good buzz just to last me till about lunch time when I usually have my second cup.

photo 3 (13)

This coffee is packaged in the USA, and contains Arabica coffee. It is fair trade coffee, so we don’t need to feel guilty when we drink it.

The downside of this coffee is that it doesn’t have a lot of information about the coffee itself on the packaging. I liked the coffee, and went back to look at the package to read more about where this particular coffee is from, and maybe some more information, and didn’t see it on the package itself, so hopefully, it will be improved in the future.

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The coffee is great, will be enjoying it till the last drop!

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