Extendible Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Review

Last year we bought a fire pit for our patio, and marshmallow roasting has instantly become a family tradition. My husband is the one involved in this activity with the kids on the calm warm summer nights. All of them enjoy this activity a lot.

We have a backyard full of sticks and trees, so finding a good old stick for roasting marshmallows has never been a problem. That’s where it ends though. We were never able to roast anything other than marshmallows because wooden sticks can easily catch on fire if you keep them in the fire for too long, obviously.

This is where we got so excited to use extendible marshmallow roasting sticks by Hooley Dooley company. I feel that this set will be used for years to come, it is so well made. This is definitely a Mercedes of marshmallow roasting. It will be so great for the whole season, and I am looking forward to my kids enjoying their personal hot dogs and s’mores.

This set will be great for camping as well. It comes with a nice carrying case, so it will be safe and easy to take with us on picnics. Our guest parties will be so much more sophisticated with these sticks!

Of course, you can always find a good old stick to roast marshmallows, but these sticks can become family heirlooms that our kids will probably use with their kids, and remember their childhood forever.

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I feel more comfortable as well when my kids use a metal stick in the fire, as this metal stick will be less likely to catch on fire. Of course, there are always safety concerns when you have kids and fire happening, but we have done these roasts for quite a few times now, and nothing has gone on fire just yet, so hopefully, we will continue keeping it safe in the future!

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