This fruit infuser bottle by Live Infinitely was the first one I have ever seen, and tried at home. I have had fruit infused drinks before, but did not use a special bottle for those drinks.

As kids we would just mash some fruits sometimes, and add some fizzy plain water to these fruits, and drink that. OR we would use jam a lot with water as well.

Nowadays this seems to be the latest and the greatest new thing to drink – infused water with fruits is everywhere. It is a good idea, as the drink will only have natural sugars and vitamins in a small amount vs having a sugar laden pop drink that is so acidic your stomach will let you know.

So far, I have looked at this infuser bottle, and I gave it to my kids, and they tried it. I haven’t tried it yet.

There are quite a few parts in this bottle – there are two lids, and a special compartment for your fruits, and then the bottle container itself. This presents a challenge for me with cleaning (as usual – lazy me!). So far I have been able to wash all the parts in my dishwasher, on the top rack, and nothing has melted or fallen down into the bottom.

There are two issues I have noticed with this particular bottle so far though. We have only used it once so far. The fruit container is at the bottom, so there is a lid at the bottom that you need to put on so that all the water doesn’t pour out. The problem we have found was that the lid was not going on tight enough, and there was a lot of seepage of water all over the place. We tried tightening it but haven’t managed to tighten it successfully. While I can handle seepage at home or outside, bringing this bottle to school will have to be out of question. We will have to practice more with twisting the lid on, I guess.

The other problem with this bottle is that there is no spout to drink through. In order to drink the water, you need to unscrew the top lid, and then you end up with the opening with the twists on the side, so it is not super convenient to drink from this kind of container, at least for me, but, of course, these are minor issues.

This bottle is very pretty, and makes an amazing fruit infusion – can’t wait to have some myself, so far only my kids tried it!

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