The same day we have tried the first bottle, we also have tried the second Infusion water bottle we received for water fruit infusions.

This bottle is white, and is very similar in design to the other one we tried.

There are also two lids, a fruit holding container, and the main bottle container. The top lid has a spout for easier drinking. As the fruits are trapped in the special smaller tube, there is no risk that large pieces of fruit will get stuck in the spout. It is more convenient to drink, and spillage is also going to be less of a problem as you don’t need to open up the whole bottle to drink from it.

I find this bottle to be slightly better than the other one I reviewed. We didn’t have any problems with it.

I am going to try lots of fun infusions with my new bottles. So far I made an infusion of berries with some basil leaf – looked great, and tasted great! Next I will try the infusion with a cucumber – should be very refreshing!

This bottle is dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and, of course, reusable!

Fit Fix company that sells this bottle has a ton of Recipes on their website of water infusions and cool teas. This company also has various social networks where they write about the latest deals and tips.

Fit Fix Products

I do like this bottle a lot!

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