This morning I started with a new cup of joe! I decided to use my new Kaffesmart French Press coffee maker to make my coffee. I used my espresso machine to grind my coffee, and then used the French Press to brew the coffee.

I usually use French Presses at home for brewing tea. I find it is faster, and tea tastes really great. I don’t normally use French presses for coffee making, so this is a new experience for me.

What I have heard though is that coffee made in French presses tastes the best. I like it!

photo 2 (28)

I have learned something about French presses today – apparently you have to pour some hot tap water into the glass carafe of the French press before pouring your boiling water in it. I suppose it makes sense, this way it will not get shocked, and the glass will be less likely to break.

What’s the best part about using a French press for coffee – you have more control of how long you are brewing your coffee. Well, here is to my new French press – and to my newly brewed coffee I am sipping right now – so glad I got this press!

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