I have not even imagined that my kids were so interested in Pokemon! I got two sets of Pokemon cards for my kids, and playing with these cards took them probably half of the day! This was definitely a hit!

I have two girls, and I would never have thought that something like Pokemon cards would be even remotely interesting for them.

One set that I got included 15 cards and the majority of these cards ended up with my older daughter! She loved these cards. She has never actually played Pokemon cards that much before, she just saw a lot of kids at school playing with them, and she just wondered what they were about.

At one time she told me she even spent some points she earned for good studying and behaviour at school on Pokemon cards, but the ones she got only had a few points on them.

She was so impressed with this pack. Despite the fact it was a small pack, there were lots of great cards she liked in it! She finally started to understand what all those cards were about and for! (I wish I could say that about myself! I am just very happy to keep the kids happy with new activities every day, and busy!)

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My daughter was so happy to get these cards she started trying to find an appropriate box for them. Now she is all set! I have never even thought that she would be so interested in these cards, and they would make her day, I think I will be back to get some more soon!

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