My second daughter also enjoyed another set. This second set of Pokemon cards was a larger set, and it had some very rare cards. When she saw a Mew card in there, she was so happy!

I have learned a lot about Pokemon cards today from my kids. Turned out they have always wanted to have these Pokemon cards, but were afraid to ask for them for fear we won’t let them get these. A lot of kids in their school play Pokemon cards, and I am surprised I haven’t heard more about these before today. My girls had all sorts of stories about these Pokemon cards.

My middle daughter told me a story that someone in her class shared a Pokemon card with her once, but it got wet in the rain, and was ruined. The kids in their school apparently are not allowed to bring Pokemon cards to school, but do bring them in their backpacks anyway, and play on the bus to school.

photo 3 (13)

These cards can be exchanged, and played with to see who would score more points. I am not sure what the tactic will be for my daughter since she has this rare Mew card now that she will try to keep somehow, and not let other kids know about it or take it away from her. This will be a challenge.

I am glad I am able to give this whole new game to my kids which I didn’t even realize was so important to them! Just a pack of cards, and a whole new world of playing opens up for them. This game actually kept their attention today longer than most games they have ever had in their life, I have to admit.

The sisters shared this big pack with each other, and now each has a collection of assorted cards they will play with at home and on the way to school. What a cute activity!

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