Today we had a full day of fun. One of the things we did was playing with a new Finnish game we found called Molkky.

Just when you think you have seen all games for all types of kids, and all types of entertainment you are probably wrong. This game was a surprise for me, and I thought I know a lot of games.

This is a game that can be compared to bowling in a way. You have to line up your wooden pegs in a certain way, and then throw another wooden peg at the ones lined up hoping to make them fall down. Sounds familiar. This game is pretty fun to play, and you can get into it, even though it seems a little different at first.

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Of course, the game is made of solid wood, very good quality, there are no splinters sticking out of this wood anywhere. It also comes with a very nice crate to put the pegs into, and makes for an easy cleanup.

This is a game great to be played outdoors. Our backyard is really a slope covered with woodlands, and our front yard is really small, so I was nervous that we would not have enough space for this game, but I was wrong. All you need is about 9-13 feet of grass, however, I am sure this game will work just as fine on asphalt.

Even though you are going to be throwing fairly heavy wooden objects around, it is hard to mess it up and break stuff or hurt people because you are not throwing your wooden bat very far, you are also throwing it close to the ground, and there are specific instructions as to where to stand when you are throwing the peg, and it is similar to bowling, so you stand behind the thrower.

I enjoyed this game, and I think my kids did as well. We will probably play it again quite a few times this summer, and hopefully with our daddy on the weekend as well. It is a great way to get the kids to move outdoors, and separate them from their TV, handheld devices, or even books.

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